[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D22060: [expression evaluation] Prevent invalid function declarations ending up in clang AST

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Wed Jul 6 11:29:51 PDT 2016

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Due to the way the lldb override for `clang::ExternalASTSource::FindExternalGlobalVisibleDeclsByName` callback was searching for functions, it was possible for invalid declarations to end up in the list of function declarations passed back to the clang AST, which subsequently caused clang to complain about ambiguous lookups. The logic used to prune duplicate function declarations based on lexical distance was ignoring the error status returned for invalid declarations which meant that they ended up in the list of resolved declarations passed back to clang.



Index: source/Plugins/ExpressionParser/Clang/ClangExpressionDeclMap.cpp
--- source/Plugins/ExpressionParser/Clang/ClangExpressionDeclMap.cpp
+++ source/Plugins/ExpressionParser/Clang/ClangExpressionDeclMap.cpp
@@ -1430,7 +1430,14 @@
-                        fdi_cache.emplace_back(fdi);
+                        if (fdi.m_decl_lvl == LLDB_INVALID_DECL_LEVEL)
+                        {
+                            if (log)
+                                log->Printf("INVALID_DECL_LEVEL for function declaration '%s'",
+                                            fdi.m_name.GetCString());
+                        }
+                        else
+                            fdi_cache.emplace_back(fdi);
                     // Loop through the functions in our cache looking for matching types,

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