[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D20355: Avoid an assertion failure when a bit field is extracted from a value of the same size.

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Wed May 18 02:17:24 PDT 2016

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One of the cases handled by ValueObjectChild::UpdateValue() uses the entire width of the parent's scalar value as the size of the child, and extracts the child by calling Scalar::ExtractBitfield(). This seems valid but APInt::trunc(), APInt::sext() and APInt::zext() assert that the bit field must not have the same size as the parent scalar. Replacing those calls with sextOrTrunc(), zextOrTrunc(), sextOrSelf() and zextOrSelf() fixes the assertion failures.



Index: source/Core/Scalar.cpp
--- source/Core/Scalar.cpp
+++ source/Core/Scalar.cpp
@@ -2788,15 +2788,15 @@
         case Scalar::e_slonglong:
         case Scalar::e_sint128:
         case Scalar::e_sint256:
-            m_integer = m_integer.ashr(bit_offset).trunc(bit_size).sext(8 * GetByteSize());
+            m_integer = m_integer.ashr(bit_offset).sextOrTrunc(bit_size).sextOrSelf(8 * GetByteSize());
             return true;
         case Scalar::e_uint:
         case Scalar::e_ulong:
         case Scalar::e_ulonglong:
         case Scalar::e_uint128:
         case Scalar::e_uint256:
-            m_integer = m_integer.lshr(bit_offset).trunc(bit_size).zext(8 * GetByteSize());
+            m_integer = m_integer.lshr(bit_offset).zextOrTrunc(bit_size).zextOrSelf(8 * GetByteSize());
             return true;
     return false;

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