[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D19545: Use ClangASTContext for compilation units with DW_LANG_RUST

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Tue Apr 26 11:16:15 PDT 2016

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Up until recently, LLDB would always use a ClangASTContext, regardless which language was specified in DWARF. While this is not a perfect solution for Rust programs, it at least enabled LLDB to step through them and display variable contents. Until there is a proper Rust language plugin for LLDB, we'd like to keep this behavior so that user can keep using LLDB with the restricted but useful feature set available up until a few months ago.




Index: source/Symbol/ClangASTContext.cpp
--- source/Symbol/ClangASTContext.cpp
+++ source/Symbol/ClangASTContext.cpp
@@ -110,6 +110,8 @@
                Language::LanguageIsC (language) ||
                Language::LanguageIsCPlusPlus (language) ||
                Language::LanguageIsObjC (language) ||
+               // Use Clang for Rust until there is a proper language plugin for it
+               language == eLanguageTypeRust ||
                language == eLanguageTypeExtRenderScript;

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