[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D19214: fix a race is the LLDB test suite results collection

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Sun Apr 17 20:55:41 PDT 2016

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The race boiled down to this:

    If a test worker queue is able to run the test inferior and
    clean up before the dosep.py listener socket is spun up, and
    the worker queue is the last one (as would be the case when
    there's only one test rerunning in the rerun queue), then
    the test suite will exit the main loop before having a chance
    to process any test events coming from the test inferior or
    the worker queue job control.

    I found this race to be far more likely on fast hardware.
    Our Linux CI is one such example.  While it will show
    up primarily during meta test events generated by
    a worker thread when a test inferior times out or
    exits with an exceptional exit (e.g. seg fault), it only
    requires that the OS takes longer to hook up the
    listener socket than it takes for the final test inferior
    and worker thread to shut down.



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