[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D19122: LLDB: Fixed race condition on timeout when stopping private state thread

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When stopping the private state thread, there was a race condition between the time the thread exits (resetting the HostThread object) and the time a Join was attempted, especially in the case of a timeout.

The previous workaround of copying the HostThread object is not enough, since on a Reset the internal thread stuff gets nulled out regardless of which HostThread object actually has Reset called on it, resulting in an attempt to dereference a null pointer on the subsequent call to Join from the copy as well.

In our environment (custom target), we were hitting this every time we stopped debugging.




Index: source/Target/Process.cpp
--- source/Target/Process.cpp
+++ source/Target/Process.cpp
@@ -4112,11 +4112,8 @@
     if (log)
         log->Printf ("Process::%s (signal = %d)", __FUNCTION__, signal);
-    // Signal the private state thread. First we should copy this is case the
-    // thread starts exiting since the private state thread will NULL this out
-    // when it exits
-    HostThread private_state_thread(m_private_state_thread);
-    if (private_state_thread.IsJoinable())
+    // Signal the private state thread
+    if (m_private_state_thread.IsJoinable())
         TimeValue timeout_time;
         bool timed_out;
@@ -4134,7 +4131,7 @@
             if (timed_out)
-                Error error = private_state_thread.Cancel();
+                Error error = m_private_state_thread.Cancel();
                 if (log)
                     log->Printf ("Timed out responding to the control event, cancel got error: \"%s\".", error.AsCString());
@@ -4145,7 +4142,7 @@
             thread_result_t result = NULL;
-            private_state_thread.Join(&result);
+            m_private_state_thread.Join(&result);
@@ -4449,7 +4446,6 @@
     if (!is_secondary_thread)
     m_private_state_control_wait.SetValue (true, eBroadcastAlways);
-    m_private_state_thread.Reset();
     return NULL;

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