[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D17107: [lldb] Unicode support on Win32

Adrian McCarthy via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Feb 25 16:55:06 PST 2016

amccarth added a comment.

I'm growing more comfortable with these changes, but I'll defer to Zach.

Comment at: lldb/trunk/source/Host/common/FileSpec.cpp:242
@@ -221,1 +241,3 @@
+        path.push_back(0);
+        path.pop_back();
I recognize that you're just repeating the pattern from above, but ...

This seems whacky and dangerous.  It appears the attempt is to put a null terminator on the end, but not count it in the length of the vector.  And I guess that we know it's safe here because path is an llvm::SmallVector, so the implementation details are known.  But, ugh.  If `path` were ever changed to std::vector, we'd no longer have assurance that the terminator remains after the pop.

Comment at: lldb/trunk/source/Host/windows/FileSystem.cpp:231
@@ -191,3 +230,3 @@
-    char buf[PATH_MAX];
+    wchar_t buf[PATH_MAX + 1];
     // Subtract 1 from the path length since this function does not add a null terminator.
I agree with Zach that a dynamic solution here is better.  It's already icky that we have a 32KB stack buffer here.  Turning it into a 64KB +1B stack buffer seem egregious.


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