[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D17167: Fix bug with register values byte order in expression evaluation

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Thu Feb 11 13:21:09 PST 2016

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The evaluation of expressions containing register values was broken for targets for which endianness differs from host.

This patch fixes issues like:
(lldb) reg read pc
      pc = 0x00400020  arithmetic.elf`main + 32 at main.c:12
(lldb) expr -f hex -- $pc
(unsigned int) $2 = 0x20004000

Where the second command will now give the right value (0x00400020).




Index: source/Expression/Materializer.cpp
--- source/Expression/Materializer.cpp
+++ source/Expression/Materializer.cpp
@@ -1275,9 +1275,12 @@
         m_register_contents.reset(new DataBufferHeap(register_data.GetDataStart(), register_data.GetByteSize()));
         Error write_error;
-        map.WriteMemory(load_addr, register_data.GetDataStart(), register_data.GetByteSize(), write_error);
+        Scalar scalar;
+        reg_value.GetScalarValue(scalar);
+        map.WriteScalarToMemory(load_addr, scalar, scalar.GetByteSize(), write_error);
         if (!write_error.Success())
             err.SetErrorStringWithFormat("couldn't write the contents of register %s: %s", m_register_info.name, write_error.AsCString());

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