[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D14989: Fix race during process interruption

Jim Ingham via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Nov 30 12:36:56 PST 2015

jingham added a comment.

This looks correct, I just had a few more nits...

Comment at: source/Target/Process.cpp:3827-3828
@@ -3840,9 +3826,4 @@
-    // First make sure we aren't in the middle of handling an event, or we might restart.  This is pretty weak, since
-    // we could just straightaway get another event.  It just narrows the window...
-    m_currently_handling_event.WaitForValueEqualTo(false);
     // Pause our private state thread so we can ensure no one else eats
     // the stop event out from under us.
     Listener halt_listener ("lldb.process.halt_listener");
Is this comment correct anymore?

Comment at: source/Target/Process.cpp:5719-5720
@@ -5746,4 +5718,4 @@
                         // event here.  But if I do, the best thing is to Halt and then get out of here.
-                        Halt();
+                        Halt(/*clear_thread_plans = */false, /*use_run_lock = */false);
The convention in lldb for reminding ourselves which parameters we are passing is to do:

const bool clear_thread_plans = false;
const bool use_run_lock = false;
Halt (clear_thread_plans, use_run_lock);


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