[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D14197: Handle the options and parameters separator in every MI command

Ilia K via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Sun Nov 1 23:11:48 PST 2015

ki.stfu requested changes to this revision.
This revision now requires changes to proceed.

Comment at: tools/lldb-mi/MICmdBase.cpp:102
@@ -99,2 +101,3 @@
     m_setCmdArgs.Add(new CMICmdArgValOptionLong(m_constStrArgFrame, m_FrameArgMandatory, true, CMICmdArgValListBase::eArgValType_Number, 1));
+    m_setCmdArgs.Add(new CMICmdArgValConsume(m_constStrArgConsume, false));
The -data-disassemble command has '--' mandatory argument, but now it's always optional argument. Should it use m_ConsumeArgMandatory as it works for --thread/--frame etc?

Comment at: tools/lldb-mi/MICmdCmdData.cpp:280
@@ -279,3 +278,2 @@
         new CMICmdArgValOptionShort(m_constStrArgAddrEnd, true, true, CMICmdArgValListBase::eArgValType_StringQuotedNumber, 1));
-    m_setCmdArgs.Add(new CMICmdArgValConsume(m_constStrArgConsume, true));
     m_setCmdArgs.Add(new CMICmdArgValNumber(m_constStrArgMode, true, true));
Please expand MiDataTestCase.test_lldbmi_data_disassemble test to check that it still gives an error without '--' argument.


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