[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D13657: [lldb] char summary provider

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Mon Oct 12 10:34:13 PDT 2015

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Truth be told, I find this notation (numeric value + printable character) to be heavy and somewhat redundant

I would be happier with a model where printable characters print as the character, and non-printable ones print as the numeric value

With that said, if the MI really needs to do this for whatever reason, a solution would be for the MI to create its own formatters category and insert this formatter there. Since the char formatter is in the 'system' category, any other category you create should have higher priority and thus win the match and get to be the formatter of choice.
I am not sure whether the SB API allows CXXFormatterFunctions to be created, but this would be easy to add, so please feel free to do so and submit that change for review. I will gladly look at it!


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