[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D13124: test runner: switch to pure-Python timeout mechanism

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Sat Sep 26 16:37:48 PDT 2015

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Minor refactor, moving new components to test/test_runner/lib.

Will be adding test runner tests to test/test_runner/test and will make sure the normal test runner doesn't try to run them.  (These will be test infrastructure tests, i.e. tests for the test infrastructure, not tests that run on them).

This is vs. llvm.org lldb trunk r248676.

Note I've also now had positive timeout confirmation on OS X.  As I suspected, it is less convenient there to have the soft kill do a SIGQUIT, since on OS X this brings up the crash log generator dialog where now user input is required (and very bad if the tests are running in a session that doesn't have access to a window server).  I'll be working in a --no-core-on-timeout and --core-on-timeout option, and have it default to "no" on OS X and "yes" everywhere else.  When no cores are desired, we'll generate a SIGTERM instead of a SIGQUIT on the soft terminate request.



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