[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D13066: DWARFASTParserClang::CompleteTypeFromDWARF: Handle incomplete baseclass or child

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I don't want compiler options in the test Makefiles.  Please move the logic
to Makefile.rules, and create a variable and set that instead.

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> clayborg added a comment.
> Each shared library is an object that can be shared between multiple
> targets. We do not want to injecting types from another shared library into
> the static notion of what a type is within a shared library. Why? What if
> one target in lldb loads liba.so which has a forward declaration to "class
> Bar;", and this same target loads libb.so which contains a full definition
> for "Bar". Another target also loads liba.so, but it loads a different
> version of "libb.so" which has a newer more up to date version of "Bar"
> because you are doing a edit/compile/debug cycle. We can't take a full
> definition of "Bar" and place it into the debug info for liba.so because it
> can be wrong. So each shared library always just parses the types
> _as_they_see_them_ in their debug info.
> We do allow variable introspection to always grab the complete type from
> another shared library when displaying the type, we just don't allow the
> static notion of a type that comes from a specific shared library to be
> augmented within that shared library.
> So lets say you have liba.so that contains Foo class which has a "Bar
> *m_bar;" member variable. liba.so doesn't have a full definition for "Bar"
> which is OK. "Bar", in liba.so, is known to be "class Bar;", nothing else.
> When we are debugging a a.out binary later that loads both liba.so and
> libb.so (which contains the full definition for "Bar"), in the variable
> display code we see that we want to expand "Bar" in the variables view and
> we note that we have  a full definition of "Bar" in libb.so, so we end up
> using the full definition from libb.so in place of the forward declaration.
> Again, we just switch the types. We can do this because have have a type
> that comes from a specific target, and within that target (a collection of
> shared libraries) we can come up with the right definition for "Bar"
> without modifying the type itself from the debug info within liba.so.
> So there should be not problems when viewing variables because we have
> that covered.
> If we have any problems in the expression parser, we will need to solve
> them in the say kind of way: given a target context, determine the right
> version of the type to use and copy into the ASTContext for the expression.
> We currently import types from multiple different ASTContexts into an
> expression ASTContext for each expression that we run, so it would be
> possible to identify any classes that were forward declarations and try to
> complete them during the ASTContext -> ASTContext copy cycle. We would need
> to somehow mark these incomplete types to allow them to be completed later.
> Like for example the forward declaration to a base class. We used to just
> complete the definition for the base class and say it had no member and no
> methods. We have hooks in to allow the DWARF to assist in laying out a
> class so that we can correct any alignment issues we run into (since DWARF
> doesn't always capture any #pragma pack and other compiler directives that
> can affect how a class is laid out), but we could allow these base classes
> to be created and mark them somehow in the ClangASTContext so we can
> identify them later during any expression use. We could also use this for
> the Variable display code and find the full definition of the forward
> declaration base class...
> So, any changes you make in future fixes must adhere to:
> - a type is parsed exactly as it is represented within the object file
> itself, no outside definitions from other shared libraries can be merged
> into these types
> - it is fine to switch over to using a different version of a type (the
> full definition of "Bar" from libb.so when you have a forward declaration
> for "Bar" in liba.so) when displaying variables or evaluating expressions
> that have a Target in their execution context since the target has a list
> of all the shared libraries that are currently loaded. This allows process
> a.out to load one version of "Bar" from libb.so, and process b.out to load
> another version of "Bar" from libc.so
> - We can modify the ClangASTContext ASTImporter to do the same kind of
> type switching when copying types into the expression ASTContext
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