[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D12987: test events: announce worker count in new initialize event

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Fri Sep 18 15:38:13 PDT 2015

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This change:
- renames TestFormatter.process_event() to TestFormatter.handle_event()
- does away with TestFormatter.begin_session()/end_session(), replacing them with new initialize and terminate events.  Now everything goes through handle_event().
- passes the worker count (thread/process count) in the initialize event.
- really adds the inferior dotest.py pid to all test events.  Looks like I lost that at some point as it was only coming in on the inferior process begin/end messages.
- names the inferior process begin/end messages to job_begin and job_end.
- fixes some ugly output and invalid handling when Ctrl-C happened with my previous change (grabbing the worker index would blow up when we were tearing down the multiprocessing.Manager when accessing its shared proxy dictionary.)



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