[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D12983: Adds parallel worker queue index to test events

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Fri Sep 18 13:55:52 PDT 2015

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This change does the following:

  - Adds a mechanism for adding arbitrary event content to all test events from the command line.
  - Adds a 0-based worker_index key into all inferior test events.  This allows ResultsFormatters to know which worker queue is/was performing the work for which the event is raised.  We can use this in interesting ways.  More to come.  For the parallel test runner, all methods of running tests (multiprocessing, threading, pool variants, and serial) all work this in properly.
   - Now supports --results-file set to "stdout" or "stderr".  If so, the results formatter uses stdout/stderr of the dotest.py process.
   - Adds a test_results.DumpFormatter option that prints the pretty-print (pprint module) form of the test events to the results file.  Calling 'dotest.py --results=file=stdout --results-formatter test_results.DumpFormatter' is a great way to see the stream of test events as they are generated.



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