[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D12888: Add first tests for mini-dump debugging.

Zachary Turner via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 16 09:22:27 PDT 2015

zturner added a comment.

Instead of test/functionalities/minidump, I would probably call this test/functionalities/core-file/windows.

I'm using core-file instead of minidump because it's the most generic term that will make sense on all platforms, and other platforms will essentially want to add tests for this.  And I'm making a windows subdirectory because we're going to have enough of these eventually that we'll want to separate them.

Comment at: test/functionalities/minidump/TestMiniDump.py:14
@@ +13,3 @@
+    @skipUnlessWindows  # for now mini-dump debugging is limited to Windows hosts
+    def test_process_info_in_mini_dump(self):
I think you can actually put this at the class level, then you don't need it on individual tests.

Comment at: test/functionalities/minidump/TestMiniDump.py:29
@@ +28,3 @@
+        stop_description = thread.GetStopDescription(256);
+        self.assertTrue("0xc0000005" in stop_description);
Do we not have a way to get the exception code?

Comment at: test/functionalities/minidump/TestMiniDump.py:39-41
@@ +38,5 @@
+    def tearDown(self):
+        # Call super's tearDown().
+        TestBase.tearDown(self)
This can go away


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