[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D11574: Add size field to library load event

Paul Maybee paulmay at microsoft.com
Wed Aug 5 15:57:10 PDT 2015

paulmaybee added a comment.


Comment at: test/tools/lldb-mi/TestMiLibraryLoaded.py:31
@@ -30,3 +30,3 @@
                 "=library-loaded,id=\"%s\",target-name=\"%s\",host-name=\"%s\",symbols-loaded=\"1\",symbols-path=\"%s\",loaded_addr=\"-\"" % (path, path, path, symbols_path),
-                "=library-loaded,id=\"%s\",target-name=\"%s\",host-name=\"%s\",symbols-loaded=\"0\",loaded_addr=\"-\"" % (path, path, path)
+                "=library-loaded,id=\"%s\",target-name=\"%s\",host-name=\"%s\",symbols-loaded=\"0\",loaded_addr=\"-\",size=\"[0-9]+\"" % (path, path, path)
             ], exactly = True)
ki.stfu wrote:
> As I said in D9716, it will cause a false negative if `path` contains symbols that should be escaped (" or \ etc). I faced with the same issue in MiSyntaxTestCase. You should use analogue of CMIUtilString::AddSlashes here, or pass `exactly = True` option.
exactly = True is there?

Comment at: tools/lldb-mi/MICmnLLDBDebuggerHandleEvents.cpp:731
@@ -730,1 +730,3 @@
+        bOk = bOk && vwrMiOutOfBandRecord.Add(miValueResult6);
ki.stfu wrote:
> ignore a return code here. It should cause a compiler error since r242911. Have you tried to compile it?
Oops. Sorry, wrong diff. Fixed now.


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