[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Add new test for stress testing stack unwinding

Pavel Labath labath at google.com
Mon Jun 15 12:52:25 PDT 2015

I think having tests like these will help our unwinding reliability. However, I think it can be done without python introspection. Also, I'm not sure if it make sense to commit this, while we don't have any tests to run this on.

Comment at: test/functionalities/unwind/standard/TestStandardUnwind.py:32
@@ +31,3 @@
+        #                         instruction because it is special for some reason.) For these
+        #                         functions we will immediately do a step-out when we it them.

Comment at: test/functionalities/unwind/standard/TestStandardUnwind.py:56
@@ +55,3 @@
+        if not process:
+            self.fail("SBTarget.Launch() failed")
AssertTrue(process != None) ?

Comment at: test/functionalities/unwind/standard/TestStandardUnwind.py:64
@@ +63,3 @@
+        # cases when we stuck in an infinite loop waiting for an event from the kernel while
+        # stepping (e.g.: in case of standard IO)
+        # TODO: Use better heuristic to detect when we have to do a step-out to increase the
I am confused by this comment. How will using step-out instead of step-inst help us unstuck a program which is waiting for STDIO? If it is waiting for an input event, it will keep waiting no matter how we step it...

Comment at: test/functionalities/unwind/standard/TestStandardUnwind.py:73
@@ +72,3 @@
+            for i in range(process.GetNumThreads()):
+                thread = process.GetThreadAtIndex(0)
s/0/i/ ?

Comment at: test/functionalities/unwind/standard/TestStandardUnwind.py:98
@@ +97,3 @@
+# Generate test cases based on the cpp sources in this directory
+for f in os.listdir(os.path.dirname(__file__)):
+    if f.endswith(".cpp") or f.endswith(".c"):
This design, besides being confusing to non-python experts, makes it impossible for someone to selectively enable tests. I think this is important, as there sure will be many failures once somebody starts bringing this up on a new type of platform. I would prefer refactoring this so that every source file can be defined using two lines:
  def test_unwind_foo(self):
These lines can be generated by a script on the initial import.

Comment at: test/functionalities/unwind/standard/TestStandardUnwind.py:115
@@ +114,3 @@
+            except:
+                self.skipTest("Inferior not supported")
+            self.standard_unwind_tests()
What kind and how many compile errors were you encountering? I'm a bit worried that these skips everywhere will make it hard to figure out which tests are actually being run.



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