[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Fix ProcessIO test failures

Pavel Labath labath at google.com
Wed Mar 11 10:00:42 PDT 2015

InterruptRead is already implemented, here I have only added pure virtual method to the superclass, so they can be accessed easily. For implementations, refer to source/Host/posix/ConnectionFileDescriptorPosix.cpp and source/Host/windows/ConnectionGenericFileWindows.cpp.

> It seems like you are saying InterruptRead will consume all available stdout, then return Interrupted, which is a little odd for an interrupt.

Yes that is basically what I am saying. Maybe "interrupt" is not exactly the best name for this, but it was already present, so I used it. In the general case, this is exactly what InterruptRead will do though - make the thread blocked on Read() return immediately with eConnectionStatusInterrupted. In this comment, I have just tried to explain what happens in the edge case, when there is input readily available *and* you call InterruptRead() - here, the priority is given to reading the input.



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