[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Refactor GdbRemote test cases to support remote platforms

Tamas Berghammer tberghammer at google.com
Tue Mar 10 15:34:31 PDT 2015

Comment at: test/tools/lldb-server/gdbremote_testcase.py:363
@@ +362,3 @@
+                remote_file_spec = lldb.SBFileSpec(remote_path, False)
+                err = lldb.remote_platform.Install(lldb.SBFileSpec(inferior_exe_path, True), remote_file_spec)
+                if err.Fail():
SBPlatform::Install used here also, but I think it is impossible to avoid, because these tests are testing LLGS in a lower level with sending packets directly to it.
The logic you mentioned is executed only when we do a "run" or a "process launch" command in lldb what isn't happening here. The inferior is launched with sending an $A packet directly to LLGS from python with skipping the logic surrounding it in lldb.



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