[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Improve ValueObject::GetValueDidChange test; Add a comment for it

Jim Ingham jingham at apple.com
Fri Mar 6 14:53:14 PST 2015

I don't see how the "It will only be valid the second time" comments help anything.  ValueDidChange can only mean "is it different from the last time you looked at it" since we aren't actually tracking all variable values in the program...  So by definition, the return from ValueDidChange is arbitrary the first time you look at an object.

Since we have to choose something, we set it to "false" when you first look at a value.  That is actually the correct choice because then a UI that is using ValueDidChange to drive the choice to color variables that have changed since the last stop in this frame won't set them all to the changed color the first time we hit the frame - which wouldn't be very useful.

That might be a better comment, since it says what actually happens, if you think a comment is needed here.




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