[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Initial Assembly profiler for mips64

Daniel Sanders daniel.sanders at imgtec.com
Thu Feb 19 02:20:59 PST 2015


Comment at: source/Plugins/UnwindAssembly/mips/UnwindAssembly-mips.cpp:295
@@ +294,3 @@
+    const uint32_t max_op_byte_size = m_arch.GetMaximumOpcodeByteSize();
+    llvm::SmallVector <uint8_t, 32> opcode_data;
jasonmolenda wrote:
> Doesn't the mips64 ISA have a fixed instruction length?  It seems like instruction_length() should always return 4 - I don't think I'd even define the method if it were me.
> For that matter, the only reason the x86 assembly profiler creates an llvm disassembler is to get the instruction length.  I don't think the m_disasm_context ivar is needed in your profiler.
That's right, instructions are always 4 bytes for MIPS32 and MIPS64. However, the microMIPS extension is a mixture of 2-byte and 4-byte instructions and can be mixed with MIPS32/MIPS64. I don't think we want to worry about microMIPS this early though.



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