[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Add qModuleInfo request in order to get module information (uuid, triple, ..) by module path from remote platform.

Oleksiy Vyalov ovyalov at google.com
Tue Feb 17 16:08:25 PST 2015

Hi clayborg, vharron,

Taking into account comments on http://reviews.llvm.org/D7574, I decided to reconsider the solution - manual modules download from a target isn't reliable solution and may lead to some subtle errors.
The idea behind the alternative solution is to use module's UUID as unique identifier and download module from remote target if such module isn't presented in local cache.
This CL is first of a few steps - add new qModuleInfo request, so platform by given path can return some module context - UUID, triple, file size,...

The ultimate solution will include extending PlatformRemoteGDBServer::ResolveExecutable and GetSharedModule methods with such logic flow:
 - For each given module get its UUID using qModuleInfo or fallback to content MD5 if module doesn't have UUID.
 - Check local cache for module with such UUID. If module exists in cache - use it, otherwise download a module from a target and put into cache.
 - Introduce new bool property to allow conditional modules' download.

Please let me know whether it sounds reasonable to you.



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