[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Close terminal after LaunchInTerminalTestCase test

Jim Ingham jingham at apple.com
Fri Feb 6 11:40:26 PST 2015

A long-standing bug in the lldb command help system is that it doesn't print what the default value of boolean flags is.  So for instance you get:

(lldb) help process launch

  Launch the executable in the debugger.

Syntax: process launch <cmd-options> [<run-args>]

Command Options Usage:

  process launch [-s] [-A <boolean>] [-p <plugin>] [-w <directory>] [-a <arch>] [-v <none>] [-c[<filename>]] [-i <filename>] [-o <filename>] [-e <filename>] [<run-args>]
  process launch [-st] [-A <boolean>] [-p <plugin>] [-w <directory>] [-a <arch>] [-v <none>] [-c[<filename>]] [<run-args>]
  process launch [-ns] [-A <boolean>] [-p <plugin>] [-w <directory>] [-a <arch>] [-v <none>] [-c[<filename>]] [<run-args>]
       -A <boolean> ( --disable-aslr <boolean> )
            Set whether to disable address space layout randomization when launching a process.

You can't tell what you are going to get if don't specify -A.  So I try to write the option so that it indicates what the default value is.  In this case, if you say nothing we'll disable ASLR.  This is obviously just a hack to work around an omission in the help system.  And in a couple of places (like --one-shot in the "breakpoint set" command where I don't do this because it would have made the name really non-obvious.)

That's a pretty weak reason for the naming, and we really should include the default value - at least for booleans - in the command table and then use it in the help system.




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