[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Add -exec-arguments command

Ilia K ki.stfu at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 03:37:56 PST 2015

FYI: I looked how run-args are specified for Target class. At the moment it can be done by using "settings set target.run-args" command which sets Debugger's "target.run-args" property. But actually this property is mapped to Target's ePropertyRunArgs property which can be read by Target::GetRunArguments and modified by Target::SetRunArguments. You can see in Target.cpp that Target::Launch gets these arguments by using Target::GetRunArguments.

My implementation of "-exec-arguments" uses Target::SetRunArguments (which is wrapped in SBTarget::SetRunArguments) and as I said above it's the same thing. Thus the my implementation works the same way as "settings set target.run-args" and if you don't like it, then this architecture can be rewritten, but it's outside the scope of this CL.



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