[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Add some comments better documenting some fields of RegisterInfo and RegisterSet

Zachary Turner zturner at google.com
Fri Nov 21 16:59:37 PST 2014

Hi clayborg,

No code change here. Putting this up for review to make sure you agree with the comments as written here.

One question: Will value_regs ever contain more than a single value? Example:

value_regs(ah) = { rax, LLDB_INVALID_REGNUM }
value_regs(al) = { rax, LLDB_INVALID_REGNUM }
value_regs(ax) = { rax, LLDB_INVALID_REGNUM }
value_regs(eax) = { rax, LLDB_INVALID_REGNUM }
value_regs(rax) = nullptr

value_regs(ah) = { eax, LLDB_INVALID_REGNUM }
value_regs(al) = { eax, LLDB_INVALID_REGNUM }
value_regs(ax) = { eax, LLDB_INVALID_REGNUM }
value_regs(eax) = nullptr

When would value_regs ever contain more than one value?


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