[Lldb-commits] [lldb] r222498 - Change CommandObjectTargetModulesLoad so that the filename argument

Jason Molenda jmolenda at apple.com
Thu Nov 20 18:25:15 PST 2014

Author: jmolenda
Date: Thu Nov 20 20:25:15 2014
New Revision: 222498

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=222498&view=rev
Change CommandObjectTargetModulesLoad so that the filename argument
is treated as a string instead of a FileSpec.

OptionValueFileSpec::SetValueFromCString() passes the c string to
FileSpec::SetFile(str, true /* resolve */) - and with Zachary's
changes to FileSpec we're using llvm::sys::fs::make_absolute() to
do that "resolve" action now, where we used to use realpath().

One important difference between llvm::sys::fs::make_absolute and
realpath is that when they're handed a filename (no directory),
realpath prepends the current working directory *and if the file exists*,
returns that full path.  If that file doesn't exist, the caller 
uses the basename only.

llvm::sys::fs::make_absolute prepends the current working directory
regardless of whether it exists or not. 

I considered having FileSpec::SetFile save the initial pathname,
call FileSpec::Resolve, and then check to see if the Resolve return
path exists - and if not, go back to the original one.

But instead I just went with changing 'target modules load' to treat its 
filename argument as a string instead of a FileSpec.  This brings it
in line with how 'target modules list' works.



Modified: lldb/trunk/source/Commands/CommandObjectTarget.cpp
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/lldb/trunk/source/Commands/CommandObjectTarget.cpp?rev=222498&r1=222497&r2=222498&view=diff
--- lldb/trunk/source/Commands/CommandObjectTarget.cpp (original)
+++ lldb/trunk/source/Commands/CommandObjectTarget.cpp Thu Nov 20 20:25:15 2014
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@
 #include "lldb/Interpreter/OptionGroupPlatform.h"
 #include "lldb/Interpreter/OptionGroupUInt64.h"
 #include "lldb/Interpreter/OptionGroupUUID.h"
+#include "lldb/Interpreter/OptionGroupString.h"
 #include "lldb/Interpreter/OptionGroupValueObjectDisplay.h"
 #include "lldb/Symbol/CompileUnit.h"
 #include "lldb/Symbol/FuncUnwinders.h"
@@ -2844,7 +2845,7 @@ public:
                                                       "Set the load addresses for one or more sections in a target module.",
                                                       "target modules load [--file <module> --uuid <uuid>] <sect-name> <address> [<sect-name> <address> ....]"),
         m_option_group (interpreter),
-        m_file_option (LLDB_OPT_SET_1, false, "file", 'f', 0, eArgTypeFilename, "Fullpath or basename for module to load."),
+        m_file_option (LLDB_OPT_SET_1, false, "file", 'f', 0, eArgTypeName, "Fullpath or basename for module to load.", ""),
         m_slide_option(LLDB_OPT_SET_1, false, "slide", 's', 0, eArgTypeOffset, "Set the load address for all sections to be the virtual address in the file plus the offset.", 0)
         m_option_group.Append (&m_uuid_option_group, LLDB_OPT_SET_ALL, LLDB_OPT_SET_1);
@@ -2884,7 +2885,26 @@ protected:
             if (m_file_option.GetOptionValue().OptionWasSet())
                 search_using_module_spec = true;
-                module_spec.GetFileSpec() = m_file_option.GetOptionValue().GetCurrentValue();
+                const char *arg_cstr = m_file_option.GetOptionValue().GetCurrentValue();
+                const bool use_global_module_list = true;
+                ModuleList module_list;
+                const size_t num_matches = FindModulesByName (target, arg_cstr, module_list, use_global_module_list);
+                if (num_matches == 1)
+                {
+                    module_spec.GetFileSpec() = module_list.GetModuleAtIndex(0)->GetFileSpec();
+                }
+                else if (num_matches > 1 )
+                {
+                    search_using_module_spec = false;
+                    result.AppendErrorWithFormat ("more than 1 module matched by name '%s'\n", arg_cstr);
+                    result.SetStatus (eReturnStatusFailed);
+                }
+                else
+                {
+                    search_using_module_spec = false;
+                    result.AppendErrorWithFormat ("no object file for module '%s'\n", arg_cstr);
+                    result.SetStatus (eReturnStatusFailed);
+                }
             if (m_uuid_option_group.GetOptionValue().OptionWasSet())
@@ -3070,7 +3090,7 @@ protected:
     OptionGroupOptions m_option_group;
     OptionGroupUUID m_uuid_option_group;
-    OptionGroupFile m_file_option;
+    OptionGroupString m_file_option;
     OptionGroupUInt64 m_slide_option;

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