[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] lldb-mi support for CLI commands and -s option

dawn at burble.org dawn at burble.org
Thu Nov 20 04:54:37 PST 2014

> It seem that you are deciding the if a command is not an MI by checking for '-' in the first character.
> But MI command can have a sequence of digits before it. 
> https://sourceware.org/gdb/onlinedocs/gdb/GDB_002fMI-Input-Syntax.html#GDB_002fMI-Input-Syntax
Thanks!  I wasn't aware of these "tokens" - will fix.

> The options that you are adding (-s | --source) are not being added in the help of lldb-mi.
Ah - I thought there was no MI help because "lldb-mi --help" only shows
lldb's help, but I just tried "lldb-mi --interpreter --help" and
see it now.  It would be great if lldb-mi would include the additonal
help or at least mention "--interpreter" and refer users to
"--interpreter --help".
On a related note, is it possible to get help on MI commands when running
inside "lldb-mi --interpreter"?

> I wonder why are you dealing 'target create' separately. What is special about this command.
Yes, this is unfortunate.  Will remove that part until we have a proper fix.

Thank you for your review.  I will address these issues and resubmit.
I've also got a patch which adds tests for some lldb-mi commands on the way
- hope to have both ready for you tomorrow.


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