[Lldb-commits] [lldb] r219102 - Call SBDebugger::Initialize/Terminate from within Create/Destroy.

Matthew Gardiner mg11 at csr.com
Wed Oct 8 22:32:52 PDT 2014

On Wed, 2014-10-08 at 16:49 -0400, Ed Maste wrote:
> On 8 October 2014 03:59, Matthew Gardiner <mg11 at csr.com> wrote:
> > Hi Ed,
> >
> > The issue I had with X was resolved by reading the Xorg.log and then
> > rebuilding the kbd and mouse driver used by X.
> That's odd - how did you originally install X?

Sorry, I can't really remember my exact flow. I was (as usual!) doing
other jobs in parallel. Perhaps the original mouse and kbd driver were
installed using "pkg install"? I know that my successful attempt was a
build in the /usr/ports tree - so perhaps a binary compatibility issue
was the initial issue. (?)

> > So now I have a decent FreeBSD-10.0 system. However, is this going to be
> > a representative enough platform, given that the buildbot which I caused
> > to fail reported "FreeBSD 10.1-STABLE"?
> >
> > I.e. will the tools be similar enough on my system to be compatible with
> > the buildbot?
> Ahh, that is a good point.  In general it should fine, although I
> think I fixed one or two debugging-related kernel bugs between 10.0
> and stable/10 (what will become 10.1).  The issue we're discussing
> here should be reproducible on 10.0 I believe, and we're going to
> release 10.1 very soon.  Thus I'd suggest using the VM as you've set
> it up for now, and just using freebsd-update to move to 10.1 in a
> couple of weeks.

"just using freebsd-update"

How exactly do I do that? ;-) From commandline? using pkg or /usr/ports?
Will my sacred X install be at risk?

An additional twist is that we use perforce here at CSR, so it would be
good if the p4 command I installed earlier (using cd /usr/ports/devel/p4
&& make install) still works.


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