[Lldb-commits] [lldb] r213158 - Add kalimba as a platform.

Matthew Gardiner mg11 at csr.com
Thu Jul 17 22:30:36 PDT 2014

Todd Fiala wrote:
> Hey Matthew,
> I'm thrilled that you are trying to get a test Linux box up!
> The easiest way to run that depends on whether you're using 
> cmake/ninja or configure/make.  If you don't have a strong preference, 
> going with cmake/ninja is definitely the faster way to go.
> In any event, you'll want to kick off the tests with either one of 
> these, after you've done a full build (i.e. 'ninja' in the build dir 
> or 'make' in the build dir):
> cmake/ninja:
> cd /your/build/dir
> ninja check-lldb
I think I'm going to stick with make for now, since I've never had any 
luck with cmake/ninja.
> configure/make:
> cd /your/llvm/dir
> cd tools/lldb/test
> make

Ok... From what you've just said. Does that mean I'll running the make 
in that tools/lldb/test runs the swig and python required to get lldb.py 
> Both those incantations will get you a test run that does the tests 
> without you needing to set up anything else (e.g. lldb/python paths, 
> or architecture settings for the test run).  They'll also run the 
> tests faster if you have multiple cores on your dev box/VM.
> Let me know if you hit any trouble with that.

Yeah - will do. I'm going to try to focus this today.

> Particularly the cmake configuration line - the basic cmake 
> configuration line with minimal options has never worked well for me 
> on Linux, so I call it with a bunch of flags to specify the llvm build 
> type and a few other details.
No. I've never had much luck with cmake :-(

Anyway, I'm kicking off a fresh lldb build (i.e. configure in the 
out-of-tree build dir, then a make) now. And I'll postback later on 
today regarding my progress.


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