[Lldb-commits] [lldb] r213158 - Add kalimba as a platform.

Matthew Gardiner mg11 at csr.com
Wed Jul 16 23:28:52 PDT 2014

Todd Fiala wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> One thing you might want to consider doing is adding a test to verify 
> Kalimba ObjectFileELF parsing doesn't regress using this test here: 
> test/functionalities/object-file/TestImageListMultiArchitecture.py.

Ok, I see what you mean. It should be pretty easy for me to get a 
kalimba binary in there, and I'll figure out 
TestImageListMultiArchitecture.py in a bit.

Regarding testing in general, I wanted to pick your brains. Basically 
I'm trying (in addition to the rest of my day job!!!!) to get a box 
setup to run lldb test suite. I've started doing some research...

First off, would I be correct in saying that the whole of test-suite is 
fired off by running test/dotest.py ?

So when I try to run dotest.py I get:

$  PATH=$PATH:~/src/main/build/Debug+Asserts/bin/ ./dotest.py -v .
This script requires lldb.py to be in...

I remember the "[lldb-dev] Where is lldb.py?" thread and read it, 
determining that I then should run a generate script 
(buildSwigWrapperClasses.py). But this just results in a lot more pain:

Running from  ~/src/main/llvm/tools/lldb/scripts

$ ./buildSwigWrapperClasses.py --srcRoot=~/src/main/llvm/tools/lldb 
--targetDir=~/src/main/build/Debug+Asserts/lib --cfgBldDir=.  -m -d

....lots of errors above...
./buildSwigWrapperClasses.py: line 109: syntax error near unexpected 
token `('
./buildSwigWrapperClasses.py: line 109: `def get_help_information():'

and error 2 is returned to the shell.

I think I'm missing something fundamental here. I *think* it has to do 
with swig not getting run or something. So I see that there is a sub-dir 
called Python with a buildSwigPython.py file, but the comment in main 
say this code should not be called directly. I have swig 2.0.11 and 
python 2.7.5 on the box (FC-20 x86_64).

Can you see anything obvious I'm doing here? Or do you have a simpler 
recipe for building lldb.py?

I appreciate you're probably off to bed now :-) but if you have any tips 
you could send me tomorrow I'd really appreciate it!


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