[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Improve stability of ProcessMonitor -- use a thread-safe queue instead of file descriptors with unchecked read/write calls to transfer Operation* between threads.

Daniel Malea daniel.malea at intel.com
Fri Sep 13 15:25:19 PDT 2013

This commit simplifies the Linux ProcessMonitor:
- DoOperation() and ServeOperation() no longer depend on file descriptors!
- remove EnableIPC() helper. ProcessMonitor will not have to run as a separate process.
- added a semaphore to signal when an operation is complete (previously signaling happened through a file descriptor)
- under heavy stress tests (i.e. running tests while compiling) we noticed that the previous ProcessMonitor implementation would break because the read/write
  calls were not error-checked, causing LLDB to hang.

Add lldb_private::Queue class:
- implemented on top of lldb's Mutex and Condition classes
- supports pop(), push() and empty() from multiple threads


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