[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Usability improvements for Intel X86 disassembly (lldb)

Richard Mitton richard at codersnotes.com
Fri Jul 26 11:59:47 PDT 2013

richard.mitton added you to the CC list for the revision "Usability improvements for Intel X86 disassembly (lldb)".

This patch adds options for various usability issues when using the Intel X86 disassembler.

> NOTE: This requires LLVM to be patched first, see dependencies

The following changes were made to bring Intel syntax in line with AT&T:
- immediate values can be selected to appear as either hex or decimal
- register names and keywords lowercased to be consistent with both att syntax and sanity.
- annotated markup is supported in the disassembly (same as att)
- instruction alias enabled, same as att

In addition the following new changes are implemented:
- fixed a bug where MOV16016a would disassembly wrongly for Intel.
- added a switch for the user to select which style of hex constants they would prefer (c/pascal/asm style)


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