[Lldb-commits] [lldb] r186964 - Remove spurious "-C" flag from CMake command lines in build.html.

Stefanus Du Toit stefanus.du.toit at intel.com
Tue Jul 23 10:29:44 PDT 2013

Author: sdt
Date: Tue Jul 23 12:29:44 2013
New Revision: 186964

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=186964&view=rev
Remove spurious "-C" flag from CMake command lines in build.html.

-C usually specifies a script to prepopulate the CMake cache. In this case no
script is specified, so CMake appears to just ignore it. So don't mention it
in the first place - it's not desired anyways.

Reviewed by: Daniel Malea


Modified: lldb/trunk/www/build.html
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/lldb/trunk/www/build.html?rev=186964&r1=186963&r2=186964&view=diff
--- lldb/trunk/www/build.html (original)
+++ lldb/trunk/www/build.html Tue Jul 23 12:29:44 2013
@@ -142,14 +142,14 @@
                    ninja on your system. To build using ninja:
-                  > cmake -C .. -G Ninja
+                  > cmake .. -G Ninja
                   <br>> ninja lldb
                   <br>> ninja check-lldb
                 <h3>Using CMake + Unix Makefiles</h3>
                 <p>If you do not have Ninja, you can still use CMake to generate Unix Makefiles that build LLDB:</p>
-                  > cmake -C ..
+                  > cmake ..
                   <br>> make
                   <br>> make check-lldb

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