[Lldb-commits] Improvements to PECOFF support

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Mon Jun 17 09:32:30 PDT 2013

Op 17-6-2013 18:11, Virgile Bello schreef:
> 3 patches, aiming to improve PE/COFF support:
> - First patch fix symbol reading (invalid header size from sizeof() ==
> 20 != 18, and various bugfixes such as invalid skipping of auxiliary
> symbols, 4 bytes shift from beginning, etc...).
> - Second patch add image_base to section vmaddr offset so that VM addr
> is in image_base space.
> - Third patch add support for DWARF section in PECOFF (taken from ELF
> counterpart), since they are generated by gcc/clang under windows.
> This is all part of _much_ bigger patches to come, in order to bring
> MinGW32 support (patch 2 was necessary to make it backtrace/evaluate
> variables properly during the port, in case you're wondering).
> Please let me know if anything seems wrong.
> Thanks!

Is this based on the Windows branch?

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