[Lldb-commits] [lldb] r178178 - test commit

Ashok Thirumurthi ashok.thirumurthi at intel.com
Wed Mar 27 14:09:30 PDT 2013

Author: athirumu
Date: Wed Mar 27 16:09:30 2013
New Revision: 178178

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=178178&view=rev
test commit
- modified a comment


Modified: lldb/trunk/source/Plugins/Process/Linux/ProcessMonitor.cpp
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/lldb/trunk/source/Plugins/Process/Linux/ProcessMonitor.cpp?rev=178178&r1=178177&r2=178178&view=diff
--- lldb/trunk/source/Plugins/Process/Linux/ProcessMonitor.cpp (original)
+++ lldb/trunk/source/Plugins/Process/Linux/ProcessMonitor.cpp Wed Mar 27 16:09:30 2013
@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ static void PtraceDisplayBytes(int &req,
 // Wrapper for ptrace to catch errors and log calls.
-// Note that ptrace sets errno on error because -1 is a valid result for PTRACE_PEEK*
+// Note that ptrace sets errno on error because -1 can be a valid result (i.e. for PTRACE_PEEK*)
 extern long
 PtraceWrapper(int req, lldb::pid_t pid, void *addr, void *data, size_t data_size,
               const char* reqName, const char* file, int line)

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