[Lldb-commits] Use cases for IOChannel clearing lldb prompt?

Kopec, Matt matt.kopec at intel.com
Mon Mar 11 15:29:34 PDT 2013

Hi All,

I noticed the lldb prompt gets explicitly cleared in some cases such as when the inferior exits. Here, at some point the lldb prompt is printed (but not output to terminal), then the lldb prompt is cleared, process exit message/inferior return value displayed and lldb prompt displayed again.

The current implementation clears the entire line that contains the original llldb prompt. The reason I bring this up is, for instance, if you have this inferior:

#include "stdio.h"

void main() {
	printf("Hello World");

The print statement goes missing since an (lldb) prompt gets written at the end of the "Hello World" line and then the entire line gets deleted.

I suppose two solutions are to clear just the lldb prompt and not the entire line or just print the first lldb prompt on a newline with no need to clear. I was wondering what, if any, are the other use cases this may affect?


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