[Lldb-commits] [review request] fix bug that allows users to re-define commands

Malea, Daniel daniel.malea at intel.com
Wed Feb 20 14:36:21 PST 2013


I noticed the TestCommandScript.py test case is failing one line 118, where it verifies that a user cannot redefine a command named 'frame'.

I believe the failure is due to CommandObjectCommands.cpp passing the wrong value (true) for the 'can_replace' parameter to CommandInterpreter::AddUserCommand… When this is set to 'true', which allows the test-case to re-define the 'frame' command to be something else.

Attached patch should fix it. Any concerns/comments, or can I commit this as-is?

I'm still not exactly sure how CommandObjectCommands works, and why there's two code paths that end up calling AddUserCommand..so I figured I'd run it by the list first.


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