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Malea, Daniel daniel.malea at intel.com
Wed Dec 12 17:42:52 PST 2012

Hi Filipe,

Thanks for catching this! Matt and I discussed the Printf() call and we're pretty sure it can lead to some problems...

On 2012-12-12, at 6:41 PM, Filipe Cabecinhas wrote:

I'm not familiar with the code on this part, but I would say that we want one of these:
  - change the memset size to sizeof(unsigned long*)
  - change the memset size to size, which I suppose is the size we have in the memory pointed to by buf (which gets static_cast'ed to dst). Are we always sure size is equal or greater than sizeof(unsigned long)?

Or maybe I didn't understand this part of the code.
Could someone more familiar with ProcessMonitor chip in?

We will change the memset length to "size", but also (because dst gets incremented as part of the for loop on line 241) we will move the memset() call before the loop.

You brought up a very good point though about size being equal or greater than sizeof(unsigned long)... I'm not sure there's any guarantees that a caller of DoReadMemory doesn't want to read a single byte by passing in a buffer of size 1. In case logging is enabled, this might lead to some weirdness. We have a fix, but it introduces some more bit-shifting magic. Matt or I will post it on the list tomorrow if we don't come up with something more elegant.

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