[Lldb-commits] [patch for review] fix for mismatched declaration/definition in swig template

Malea, Daniel daniel.malea at intel.com
Wed Nov 28 16:29:35 PST 2012

Hi all,

As I'm trying to get the linux buildbot back, I ran into a problem due to a mismatched declaration/definition in the auto-generated LLDBWrapPython.cpp:

LLDBWrapPython.cpp:2953:1: error: previous declaration of ‘size_t LLDBSwigPythonCallSBInputReaderCallback(void*, lldb::SBInputReader*, lldb::InputReaderAction, const char*, size_t)’ with ‘C++’ linkage
LLDBWrapPython.cpp:48508:57: error: conflicts with new declaration with ‘C’ linkage
LLDBWrapPython.cpp:2959:6: error: previous declaration of ‘void LLDBSwigPythonCallPythonLogOutputCallback(const char*, void*)’ with ‘C++’ linkage
LLDBWrapPython.cpp:48545:76: error: conflicts with new declaration with ‘C’ linkage

The attached patch wraps the declarations in extern "C" to keep the linker happy; however, since I'm not too familiar with SWIG I thought I'd put this up here for review before I commit.

Any concerns with this patch going in?


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