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Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Fri Sep 7 10:34:08 PDT 2012

On Sep 5, 2012, at 6:41 PM, dawn at burble.org wrote:

> Can you please explain the purpose of this branch?  

Right now it seems that there are multiple windows ports going on that haven't been checked in. It thought it would be nice to give LLDB users a place to stage these changes without the constant need for individual patch reviews. Then when the windows branch is deemed "ready", we can then take a close look at all changes, and make sure it is all correct prior to merging back into mainline (like was done with the Python GIL stuff).

> How do you want to manage commits to this branch?

This would allow all developers working on the windows port to collaborate as the bringup happens, and you can just commit. You might want to get together and manage/review the windows commits yourselves? I am open to options and what is best.

> Should patches be sent to lldb-dev for approval?

Not for the windows branch, you can just commit. We will review when the branch is ready for review and then merge back into mainline.

Anything that wasn't correctly abtracted into the "lldb/source/Host" layer should be moved there, with individual implementations for each platform backing a common host interface layer.

> How can I get commit rights?  

The commit rights are the same as for all of LLDB and Clang, just get commit rights to the repository (see the llvm.org website for details). 

> Thanks,
> -Dawn
> On Wed, Sep 05, 2012 at 05:49:30PM -0000, Greg Clayton wrote:
>> Author: gclayton
>> Date: Wed Sep  5 12:49:30 2012
>> New Revision: 163223
>> URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=163223&view=rev
>> Log:
>> Creating branch for Windows port
>> Added:
>>    lldb/branches/windows/   (props changed)
>>      - copied from r163222, lldb/trunk/
>> Propchange: lldb/branches/windows/
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>    svn:mergeinfo = /lldb/branches/apple/python-GIL:156467-162159
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