[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] fix debugging on linux

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Thu Nov 24 01:02:04 PST 2011

As a side-note, there is a buildbot trying to build and test lldb on linux.  If
you look here
you will see this builder
which is compiling lldb, but tests are failing:
      The evaluating printf(...) after break stop and then up a stack frame. ... 
python: Host.cpp:42: static lldb_private::Error 
lldb_private::Host::LaunchProcess(lldb_private::ProcessLaunchInfo&): Assertion 
`!"Not implemented yet!!!"' failed.

Should this buildbot be managed from the general LLVM build master like this,
or does lldb have its own build master?

Ciao, Duncan.

On 24/11/11 08:31, dawn at burble.org wrote:
> This patch was created using clang/llvm rev 144569, lldb rev 144919 but has
> been updated to clang/llvm rev 144982, lldb rev 145118.  It gets debugging on
> Linux back to the state it was in in llvm/clang rev 143631, lldb rev 143774.
> Debugging on Linux broke when the assumption was made that a process could be
> launched by spawning it in a suspended state and then attaching to it.  That
> support does not exist on Linux.  To work around this, I added a new method
> "CanLaunchViaAttach" which tests whether the platform supports being launched
> in this way.  I wanted to add a flag to ProcessLaunchInfo, but could not find
> an easy way to set it from within the Linux plugins.
> Commit message:
> Fix debugging on Linux.
> Implement remote vs. host platform code as was done with PlatformDarwin.
> Platform::CanLaunchViaAttach(): new: return true if the process can be launched
>          via spawn and attach.  Default is true.  Override in PlatformLinux to false.
> Platform::DebugProcess(): if (!target->GetPlatform()->CanLaunchViaAttach())
>          then launch the process via CreateProcess and Launch.
> Please review and commit if acceptable.
> Thanks!
> -Dawn
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