[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Assorted build fixes

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Mon May 16 11:54:30 PDT 2011


This patch fixes some issues I encountered building with the Makefiles
on Darwin (which were preventing me from finishing builds without
disabling lldb support):

- The last enumerator in an enumeration should not have a trailing
comma. Fixed all known instances.
- Add the UnwindAssembly and LanguageRuntime plugins to the makefile build.
- Remove the MacOSX Process plugin from the build. It's not ready yet.
- Remove leftover files from the ArchDefaultUnwindPlan/ArchVolatileRegs
refactoring. Greg Clayton forgot to get rid of these.
- Fix the Host/macosx Makefile build.
- Fix the liblldb.dylib build.

The last two are what worry me the most. To fix them, I had to add the
CoreFoundation C++ part of the MacOSX Host library as a separate
library. For some reason, LLVM's build system couldn't handle the fact
that the sources were in a subdirectory.

Is this OK to commit? (I have commit access to LLVM, so I can commit
this myself.)

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