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Date: Thu Oct 21 16:39:02 2010
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Modified: lldb/trunk/docs/testsuite/best-practices.txt
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+++ lldb/trunk/docs/testsuite/best-practices.txt Thu Oct 21 16:39:02 2010
@@ -37,3 +37,35 @@
 be skipped.  This is because we are asking to build the binaries with dsym debug
 info, which is only available on the darwin platforms.
+o Cleanup after yourself.  A classic example of this can be found in test/types/
+  TestFloatTypes.py:
+    def test_float_types_with_dsym(self):
+        """Test that float-type variables are displayed correctly."""
+        d = {'CXX_SOURCES': 'float.cpp'}
+        self.buildDsym(dictionary=d)
+        self.setTearDownCleanup(dictionary=d)
+        self.float_type()
+    ...
+    def test_double_type_with_dsym(self):
+        """Test that double-type variables are displayed correctly."""
+        d = {'CXX_SOURCES': 'double.cpp'}
+        self.buildDsym(dictionary=d)
+        self.setTearDownCleanup(dictionary=d)
+        self.double_type()
+This tests different data structures composed of float types to verify that what
+the debugger prints out matches what the compiler does for different variables
+of these types.  We're using a dictionary to pass the build parameters to the
+build system.  After a particular test instance is done, it is a good idea to
+clean up the files built.  This eliminates the chance that some leftover files
+can interfere with the build phase for the next test instance and render it
+TestBase.setTearDownCleanup(self, dictionary) defined in lldbtest.py is created
+to cope with this use case by taking the same build parameters in order to do
+the cleanup when we are finished with a test instance, during

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