[Lldb-commits] I have merged all of Eli's linux build changes into LLDB

Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Fri Jul 9 13:52:14 PDT 2010

I got LLDB building on Mac OS X using the LLVM make system. It isn't perfect yet, the things I have left to do:
- (macosx) build debugserver on Mac OS X
- (macosx) build the native process.macosx debugger plug-in
- (macosx) codesign lldb and debugserver
- (linux) verify that the lldb.so (lldb shared library) gets created and can be used by lldb (command line tool)

If you want to try and build this on Mac OS X you will need to patch LLVM until my patch makes it into LLVM:

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I don't think you nee the above patch for linux.

Here is some basic info:
- to build it using makefiles:
  - checkout and build llvm and clang
  - checkout lldb into llvm/tools
  - cd llvm/tools/lldb and type "make"
- there are .a files made for all directories
- The LLDB API is linked into "llvm/Release/lib/lldb.so" ("llvm/Release/lib/lldb.dylib" on macosx) and is created from all the liblldb*.a files in the "llvm/Release/lib"
- The "llvm/Release/bin/lldb" command line tool should link against the "llvm/Release/lib/lldb.so"

Greg Clayton

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