[libcxx-dev] Improvements to the libc++ approval policy

Louis Dionne via libcxx-dev libcxx-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Mar 3 16:09:55 PST 2021

Hi folks,

I will be taking time off from March 6th 2021 to March 28th 2021. I will
work a few days here and there during that period to review patches,
however I will mostly be unavailable. Currently, there is a bottleneck
around me for approving libc++ patches. However, I don't think it's news
for anyone, this doesn't scale extremely well and it also creates a heavy
burden when I have less time than I’d like to give to the community. So I
think this time off is a great opportunity to try something new and make
our review process more efficient!

I reached out to some contributors who have been getting involved in the
review process on their own and they nicely agreed to become co-approvers
for libc++. Those people are Arthur, Marek, Mark and Zoe (thanks!).
Whenever any two of them approve a patch, the `libc++` review group will be
made "green" and you can consider your patch approved and ready to go. This
doesn't change anything for contributors per se -- you can basically commit
your patch whenever the `libc++` review group on Phabricator is marked as
green, as before.

To these new co-approvers, I also think it's important to clarify that
there are no expectations. We all understand that your involvement in
libc++ is purely voluntary and I want to make sure that it never transforms
into a burden.

Libc++ has historically had a very high barrier to entry for contributing.
I think this change in policy can greatly help lower that barrier without
reducing the quality of contributions. If at all, I think having a few more
approvers will force us to document policies and guidelines that were
previously just in the core maintainers' heads, leading to more consistent

I am excited to try this out and confident that it will be an improvement
both for the libc++ development community and for the project itself. I
also want to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in libc++ at
any level - I'm very happy to see the community forming around libc++ and
the project is very lucky to have you all!

Louis Dionne
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