[libcxx-dev] Requiring monorepo layout when building libc++ and libc++abi

Louis Dionne via libcxx-dev libcxx-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Mar 11 10:28:44 PDT 2020

Hey folks,

Now that the monorepo is the standard, would everybody be fine with requiring both libc++ and libc++abi sources to be accessible in a monorepo-like layout when building either of them? In other words, in order to build either libc++ or libc++abi, we would require the following layout:


I suggest not requiring the rest of the monorepo, simply because it wouldn't be useful, and I know of at least one use case that would break.

The benefit of adopting this assumption is that all the search for libcxx and libcxxabi sources can be removed, simplifying the build quite a bit. Eventually, we can even start sharing stuff between the two sub-projects. If we go forward with this, I'll be happy to make the clean ups I mention.


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