[libcxx-dev] Should libc++ .fail.cpp tests use -verify?

Mikhail Maltsev via libcxx-dev libcxx-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jul 7 06:37:25 PDT 2020

On 06/07/2020 18:21, Louis Dionne wrote:
> Do you have the full set of failing tests in that environment? I'd like to take a look at whether it's possible to change those tests to avoid using these constructs altogether.

Yes, the following tests are failing due to the %{exec} problem I mentioned earlier:
- libcxx/selftest/remote-substitutions.sh.cpp
- libcxx/selftest/shell-escape-pipes.sh.cpp
- libcxx/selftest/shell-escape.sh.cpp
- std/input.output/iostream.objects/narrow.stream.objects/cerr.sh.cpp
- std/input.output/iostream.objects/narrow.stream.objects/cin.sh.cpp
- std/input.output/iostream.objects/narrow.stream.objects/clog.sh.cpp
- std/input.output/iostream.objects/wide.stream.objects/wcerr.sh.cpp
- std/input.output/iostream.objects/wide.stream.objects/wcin.sh.cpp
- std/input.output/iostream.objects/wide.stream.objects/wclog.sh.cpp

> Furthermore, I have an incomplete patch (locally) that runs the tests in the internal Lit shell, which would also alleviate some of these issues. Thanks in advance for looking into this.

    Mikhail Maltsev

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