[libcxx-dev] Is a compiler-rt shared spinlock implementation of any use to libcxx?

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That’s what makes the most sense to me, include <mutex> with a macro that freestanding would also use. Inside of that, I would have an implementation of standard mutex backed by atomics and the atomic_wait/atomic_notify_* functions, themselves configured with a macro to not rely on the OS in freestanding implementations.


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I think it makes sense for libc++ to have a version of mutex which has the same API as the standard one, but for “freestanding” platforms such as yours. A flavor which mostly just spins and yields as in your review.

I’m not sure how to best turn it on, though. Should it be controlled by a macro, and otherwise it just looks like you’re using <mutex>?

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Hi all,

In a recent discussion<https://reviews.llvm.org/D61923#1503272> from the reviews of GWP-ASan<https://reviews.llvm.org/D60593>, it was mentioned that I should probably consult with cxx-dev to see whether they'd be interested in a common spinlock implementation.

The problem is:
 - Scudo hardened allocator (compiler-rt/lib/scudo) requires its own spinlock as it can't use the C++ standard library due to Fuchsia requirements.
 - GWP-ASan (as it's packaged into Scudo) also requires a spinlock.
 - Compiler-rt sanitizer_common also can't use c++ stdlib, and has its own spinlock. We can't reuse the sanitizer_common spinlock for Scudo/GWP-ASan as it's currently tightly coupled into sanitizer_common, and Scudo+Fuchsia can't afford the code size overhead of pulling the entire sanitizer_common library.

The plan was to basically write a small standalone spinlock implementation that can be used by all three of these requirements. Would libcxx benefit by us making this an llvm-common spinlock rather than compiler-rt-common? If so, are there any requirements that we need to be aware of?

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