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> I investigate new features of C++20 and not found implementation of
> three-way comparsion operator support (spaceship operator, <=>) - <compare>
> header. But my compiller (clang version 7.0.0) work correctly with myself
> scratch draft version of this header (one compare class and stuff).
> Can I help community to write cxxlib port of C++20 standard? Or I may be
> can I help in other directions of development?
There's a lot of churn in the draft standard at the moment regarding the
spaceship operator.
We're deliberately waiting until things settle down before implementing.

from just the last WG21 meeting:
* P1187 A type trait for std::compare_3way()'s type
* P1191 Adding operator<=> to types that are not currently comparable
* P1248 Fixing Relations
* P0891 Let strong_order Truly Be a Customization Point!
* P1312 Comparison Concepts
* P1295 Spaceship library update

-- Marshall
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