[libcxx-dev] proposal: decoupling Freestanding atomic<T> from libatomic.a

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Sun Dec 30 18:17:36 PST 2018

In my last mail, and in some F2F discussions, I volunteered to write a first patch to use a Freestanding configuration. My motivation is to decouple non-lock-free atomic<T> from platform libraries, from libatomic.a, for Freestanding implementations.

I’ve gone ahead and prototyped this a few different ways. Here is the approach I would like to submit a patch for.

= Background =

To the best of my ability to tell:

  1.  The libcxx implementation of atomic<T> is layered on __c11_atomic_* builtins, in all cases.
  2.  If they’re missing, but __atomic_* builtins are there, then a fake __c11_atomic_* API is layered onto __atomic_*.
     *   If neither are there, the configuration is unsupported.
  3.  If something is needed that’s not in C11, then it uses __atomic_* for that, even when it uses __c11_atomic_* for the rest.
     *   e.g. __atomic_always_lock_free, in C++17 mode.

This is working fine, but it makes it hard to customize behaviors like “send non-lock-free atomics to another backend” because in the case when __c11_atomic_* builtins are there, they are used directly without any adaptation. This makes it so you can only customize in the atomic<T> object specializations, which are set in your ABI and .

= Proposed Changes =

This approach is the best of three I tried on trunk libcxx:

  1.  Create a single __cxx_atomic_* layer which is an adaptation of either __c11_atomic_*, preferentially, or else __atomic_*. (For __atomic_*, it’s a rename of the layer that’s there now. For __c11_atomic_*, it’s a new but boring wrapper that just forwards calls.)
  2.  Create a __cxx_atomic_type<> template that is an alias to what should wrap the _Tp inside of an atomic<T> / atomic_flag. Defaults to the same _Atomic(_Tp) as today, either from C11 or from the adaptation layer.
  3.  Under #ifdef LIBCXX_FREESTANDING, introduce __cxx_locked_atomic_type<> with an implementation of __cxx_atomic_*, and redirect __cxx_atomic_type<> based on always-lock-freedom.
     *   In C++17 mode, it uses __atomic_is_always_lock_free.
     *   Otherwise, it uses the C lock-free macros as shown in wg21.link/p0152.
  4.  Add a test that instantiates every specialization flavor of atomic<T>, as well as at least one “large” type that ought not be lock-free. It’s kind of weird that this isn’t in the test suite.

= Disclaimer =

I don’t have a strong grasp of what’s an ABI break here, my proposal reflects my limited mental model.

Some of the code parsed in Hosted builds does change, but none of the atomic<T> object sizes/alignments and member function signatures change in that configuration. In the Freestanding configuration, the non-lock-free atomic<T> change in size. My limited sense says this is OK – first that Hosted is going to be OK, and that it’s OK for Freestanding to differ here.

= Next Steps =

I’ll take all your feedback and questions, or I can make a patch and discuss it over code. But I think you mean to poke at motivation/design first.

I know it’s New Year’s Eve-ish and you’re all away, I’ll be patient.

Oh, and Happy New Year!


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